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Mortal Kombat X Series of Beers Launch in San Diego during Comic-Con

San Diego, CA (July 22, 2016): After a significant build up of pre launch social media engagement regarding the new Mortal Kombat X v1 beers from craft brewer Sound Brewing & Global Beverage Traders, San Diego Comic-Con will serve as the main event to launch sales in Southern California in a number of locations. Scorpion –...
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National Rollout Plans Announced for Mortal Kombat X v1 Series of Beers

Global Beverage Traders and Sound Brewery, marketers and producers of the Mortal Kombat X v1 Series of Beers, Scorpion - Imperial Stout, Raiden - Imperial Saison and Sub-Zero - Imperial IPA made their market debut Saturday as the “Exclusive Beer” of the prestigious ESL Mortal Kombat Pro League Season 3 Finals.   With hundreds of fans...
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