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Hard Frescos

Born in Mexico - Brewed in the USA

After years of visiting family throughout Mexico’s cities and rural pueblos, Mauro Gomez and Peter Stearns decided to bring their obsession for local fresh-pressed juices back to friends and family, but with a twist. After much research and experimentation a delicious refreshing experience was born. Hard Frescos is a premium alcoholic beverage made from all natural ingredients, fermented the traditional way. They craft-brew each batch using real fruits such as pineapple, guava, lime, tamarind, hibiscus, and then lightly sweeten with Mexican cane sugar. Nothing more than a few ingredients, simple, clean and refreshing. They take their time to produce Hard Frescos in their small batch brewery, ensuring each bottle and can delivers 100% all natural fresh-pressed flavor. Taste the real fruit flavor. Salud!

(Alc. by Vol. 5%)

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Tangy Tamarindo




Juicy Jamaica

Cola Buena

Cola Buena